Final Digital Story

Digital Video Compilation and Self Interview

Our final assignment is known as our Digital Stories. The task was to find 3 questions to ask of yourself regarding your DS106 work this term; Revisit at least 5 of your favorite assignments from DS106 (dailies and/or assignments), and answer those questions for each of the assignments. Put it together as a video that captures the arc of your digital storytelling. For me I really only wanted to focus on five assignments that I connected to personally and that meant something to me. I felt like all the daily creates were just a task I had to do I didn’t really connect with any of them on a personal level. There were three DS106 assignments that I felt related to my life which were the Animate your Day like Ben, Then and Now Together, and the Modern Day Brady Bunch. When trying to figure out the last two assignments to reflect on, I really couldn’t find any that I loved or really connected too, so I stirred off a tiny bit and focused on two blog posts. I felt it was more meaningful to reflect on two assignments I truly cared about, then trying to come up with false answers for two other assignments. You should always write and reflect on the things you truly connect and care about… so I did!