DS106 Midpoint Story

Daily Creates

For my Daily Creates, I try to take a personal and fun approach. As a Medical Biology major and Neuroscience minor, I rarely have time to be creative and fun regarding school work. This class and the Daily Creates allows me to be creative and fun. For example, week 2’s Daily Create the task was to “Put on Your Crazy Sunglasses”. This assignment allowed me to show off my more fun/chill side to my professor and classmates, rather then the stressed Med Bio side.

These Daily Create Assignments allow me to take a task and apply a personal connection.

DS106 Assignment

Similarly to the Daily Creates, the DS106 assignments allow my fun personality to come true. I enjoy the DS106 Assignment’s that personally reflect our life such as the Places of Peace and GIF Animated Your Day Like Ben assignments. Assignments like these give us the opportunity to better connect with and understand our classmates.

I feel like all my complete assignments shows I care about the work I am doing. Even if I am not fully confident in how to create an animated GIF or Meme, I preserver through the software and learn how to use it. I feel my memes have gotten progressively better as the weeks have gone on, due to the readings, viewing peers work and practice. I have learned how to connect with my audience and what appeals to viewers when it comes to meme creation. I have grown throughout the semester in the quality of the production of my memes and GIFs.

My favorite assignment however, is the BLOG!