DS106 Assignment – Places of Peace

Places of Peace

Above are all images that represent places of peace for me. Old Black Point (OBP) (picture in the top left corner and picture on the right in the second row) is a specific area in my home town of Niantic, Connecticut where you can catch the most perfect sunset! The second you enter OBP and walk the beach, memories from childhood through my high school years come flooding in. OBP gives you a sensory overload of happiness and peace. You can’t help but smile and feel relaxed as you roam the beach while watching the sun set over the Long Island sound with hometown friends.

Block Island (picture in top right corner) is a second place of peace for me. Since seventh grade, my closest friends and I would spend either a full day or long weekend in the Block. Escaping reality and jetting off the Block Island on the ferry is a key memory I’ve had for years. As I’ve gotten older, the memories and time spent on the island have just grown fonder. Block feels like a home away from home. The tradition of going to Block with my hometown friends is one that will carry on for the rest of our lives.

Boat rides on the Niantic River and Long Island Sound (bottom two pictures and picture on the left in the second row) is something I’ve done since birth. Spending the day on the boat relaxing with family on friends is the peak of my summers. Whether I’m laying on the bow trying to get a tan or traveling full speed as the wind and sea salt hits my face, when I’m on the boat, I am so content and at peace. Being in my hometown of Niantic, Connecticut will always bring me peace!


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