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Gluten Free Eats at the University of New England

Location: Dining Hall in Ripich Commons

The designated gluten free menu is referred to as, Inspired Eats. The university sends out a weekly menu of the meals that will be served in the dining hall every day. The Inspired Eats section is guaranteed to be allergen and gluten free. Other options on the menu are most likely gluten free, but not guaranteed to be cooked in a clean and uncontaminated area like Inspired Eats.

Example of a UNE Inspired Eats Menu

Let’s take a tour of the Inspired Eats section in the dining hall….

– Here is a statement from UNE regarding allergen and dietary needs (UNE Dining)
– Allergen Free means the meals are free from gluten, soy, peanut, tree nut, egg, dairy, shellfish and fish
– Above is a picture of the Allergen Free sign posted right outside of the Inspired Eats food section.

Included within Inspired Eats at all times included…

– designated gluten free toaster

– gluten free granola

– assortment of gluten free breads and bagels

gluten free waffle iron and waffle mix (only open during breakfast hours)

To insure other meals/food within the dining hall don’t contaminate the food in Inspired Eats…these signs are posted all over.

“Please Do Not Bring Any Food Items into this Area”

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