DS106 Assignment – GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben

GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben

Aroma Joe’s

I start almost everyday with a rush from the ever so famous, Aroma Joe’s! I stick with the same order every time I go… I’m too scared to change it up. My order is a single (24oz) rush with blue raspberry and watermelon flavor shots. This rush is the boost of energy and caffeine that allows me to jump start my day everyday!

Strength and Conditioning Room

After having my daily dose of Aroma Joe’s, I head off to work. I have a work study job here on campus. I work in the Strength and Conditioning room at the forum. During this time, I basically just make sure everyone is safe while working out and help anyone who may have questions. Most of the time no one needs assistance, so I spend time completing homework such as this DS106 assignment.

Biochemistry Lab

Around 2 o’clock, I head off to Biochemistry Lab. Lab’s are the worst, but my lab group makes the three hour class period feel like time flies by. Today we basically killed Zebrafish babies and placed them in a liquid buffer to determine its protein concentration when placed in light. Sad, but scientific, I guess!

Packing Up, and Heading off to Florida

I ended my day by closing up my very full suitcase, as I head off to Florida to being my SPRING BREAK! I am taking a 5 am flight out of Portland, where I will travel to the warm and sunny Tampa, Florida. I am so excited to just relax on the beach with friends for the entire week. School at this point in the semester is very draining, and it is time for a relaxing break. LET SPRING BREAK BEGIN!

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