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No Gluten, No Problem.

Struggling to come up with gluten free alternatives for your favorite foods? Below is a list to guide you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for gluten free food.

Instead of Using… Use the Alternative…Recommended Brands
Wheat Flour – All Purpose Gluten Free Flour
– Almond Flour
– White, Brown, Sweet Rice Flour
– Coconut Flour
– Potato Flour
– Bobs Red Mill
King Arthur Baking Company*
Breadcrumbs – Gluten Free Breadcrumbs
– Corn Flakes
– Crushed Gluten Free Crackers
– 4C Foods
– Schär Company
Bread– Gluten Free Bread
(white, whole grain, 7-grain, honey wheat, cinnamon raisin, etc.)
– Canyon Bakehouse
– Three Bakers
– Schär Company
Pasta– Rice Pasta
– Chickpea Pasta
– Corn Pasta
– Banza
Pizza Crust– Cauliflower Crust
– Chickpea Crust
– Rice Flour Crust
– Corn Crust
– Against the Grain Gourmet
– Freschetta
Tortilla/Wraps– Corn
– Cauliflower
– Spinach
– Almond Flour
– Food for Life
* = brand I personally prefer

My Favorite Gluten Free Brands

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