DS106 Assignment – Meme 3

Meme 3 – At Least it’s an Ethos, Refresh as Another Film

The task for this weeks DS106 Assignment was to take the line from the film The Big Lebowski  “Say what you will about National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos” and change National Socialism to a different -ism. I chose to replace ‘National Socialism’ with ‘Activism’. Activism was a word I felt best suited today’s society regarding different things occurring. For example, at UNE,, students are presenting activism toward the schedule change. People always seem to have an opinion when it comes to people avoiding for themselves and taking a stance for something they believe in. So, I said through this assignment that, you can say what you want about activists, but at least they have an opinion. You can complain and pass judgment as much as you please, but at least activists are taking a stance on an issue, rather than sitting back and doing nothing.