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In general, what is Cross Contamination ?

-Cross-contamination is the physical movement or transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, object or place to another. Preventing cross-contamination is a key factor in preventing food borne illness (Department of Health).

What is Cross Contamination with Celiac Disease?

-Cross Contamination is when a gluten-free food or food product is exposed to a gluten-containing ingredient or food. This exposure makes it unsafe for people with celiac disease to eat. There is even a risk of cross-contact before ingredients make it to the kitchen, such as during the growing, processing, and manufacturing processes. To learn more visit

What happens if someone with Celiac Disease eats Cross Contaminated food?

-If a mistake is made and you have gluten by accident, you may suffer from diarrhea, abdominal pain or vomiting, so it is important to stay hydrated at all times by drinking lots of water.

How to Prevent Cross Contamination

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Cross Contamination

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Separate gluten free food items away from gluten containing foods; label what foods are gluten free (*at home all of my gluten free food items have my name written on the package)
  3. Prepare the gluten free food/meal first
  4. Separate utensils and appliance – many utensils and appliances can harbor gluten particles, leading to cross contamination (*at home I have my own personal toaster to prevent cross contamination)
  5. Frequently clean surfaces and prep items

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